After Service Congregational Meeting

6:30 p.m. Deacons Meeting

10:00 a.m. Women’s Fellowship

6:15 p.m. Crusaders

7:00 p.m. Al Anon—Narthex

The Congregational Meeting will follow the service Sunday for the purpose of electing the Nominating Committee for 2017-2018. Elder: Michelle Steiner; Deacon: Nancy Anderson; At Large: Bruce Devereaux, Emma Haas and Toni Mason.

October Messenger articles are due by noon tomorrow, Sept. 25. Thanks!

Family & Fellowship Ministry: If you want to be a part of planning 'church fellowships' please join Robin on Tues., Oct. 3 at 4:45 p.m.

HEAVENLY HELPERS needed: A sign-up sheet is located on the wall just inside Hendrick Hall. Remember, location is your choice - I'm happy to make sure key supplies are where you want them.

Breakfast Brunch: Sunday, Oct. 8, right after worship, in Hendrick Hall. Breakfast Casseroles are on the menu this time - sign ups to bring a delicious, mouthwatering casserole is available today and Oct. 1. Please join Family & Fellowship ministry in sharing God's love

TLC STARTS SOON: Clarkston Presbyterian Church has always seen “taking care of each other” as a major concern. In 2003 when David Strickland, with his wife June, came to be our new Interim pastor, he asked us to find a new project whereby we could serve the community and we created a new arm, “T.L.C.” Fourteen years later, that new arm is still going strong and very soon 15 to 20 children from Grantham Elementary School and 30 to 40 volunteers from several different congregations will be coming through our doors three afternoons a week to meet and enjoy each other.
Volunteer One Hour per Week for children—Our Future!
I would like to help one hour a week as a:
High School Student Volunteers:
___ Activity/Snack/Playground
___Mon ___Wed ___Thurs 3-4 p.m.
___ Reader
___Mon ___Wed ___Thurs 4-5 p.m.
Adult Volunteer:
___ Homework Helper 4-5 p.m.
___Mon ___Wed ___Thurs
___ Reader 4-5 p.m.
___Mon ___Wed ___Thurs
Name: ____________________________________________
Phone: __________________ Text: ____________________
Email: ____________________________________________
For more information call 509.758.3381
~ Please fill out & drop in offering plate today ~

Pictorial Directory

We will be updating our pictorial directory. Because some of you have had changes in address, phone and or/email, and we may or may not have the updated information, we need everyone to complete the following and drop it in the offering plate as it is passed. Thanks!

We want up-to-date pictures of everyone. If you have a recent photo (within a year) you may send it to the office (please put your name on the back so we can return it to you). If you don’t have a recent photo, we will have a place set up in the Narthex during the month of September so you can stop before or after the service and have your picture taken. Please, we want to include everyone. If you have questions, contact Robin or the office. Thanks.


Women's fall convention

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